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tech on the university of texas. this is the first time the teams have met the packers quarterback aaron rogers was on that team says he is upset with the bears did not to play. >>jacqueline: we continue to seek out to the bay area the rain stays up to the north. we will talk about what you might see coming up. [music] >>catherine: there are some new law is going into effect this new year. we explain what you need to know as of january 1st. >>reporter: here is what parents need to know if you're driving your children need to be strapped into their car seat until there 8 years old or 4 ft. nine. california will begin bantu or from selling expired baby food and formula and say goodbye to calf and a deer because in this state you will not be able to buy it. if you are under 18 the state is the banning the sale of coughs are up and medicine with certain things without a prescription. and children under 18 will not be able to use ultraviolet tanning beds. >>catherine: east bay crews are working to fix a water main break in san leandro. it happened early this morning and look at that. th
that led to the firing of the cemetery's top of victims. >>reporter: 1 tragedy for texas and university a football player, 22 year-old joseph smith quit v. was killed a car crash he was on his way home from her toward a college station to jacksonville texas. and they fit he swerved to avoid a blood of on a highway in and sit him straight into the path of an 18 wheeler. he was a senior offensive lineman at texas a&m. >>reporter: from made the change so that he could run for president as an independent. he said he could still run if he is unhappy with the republican nominee. when his lawyer says that he is discussing with republicans are handling the payroll tax cut. >>reporter: winter is taking new mexico by storm quite literally. it is making for tough driving conditions so parts of major interstates have been shut down and dozens of driver left stranded last night because of icy roads and with white out, bishop luke take in a good deal out of colorado, is definitely going to be a white christmas. but look at those guys, they might love it. a small denver and the surrounding area got as
. in houston texas, some demonstrators were arrested when they tried to shut down the port here. >>catherine: court officials say that they never succeeded in fully shooting down the port. what you are looking at live is the march by protesters towards the port of oakland. stay with kron4, we will have updates throughout the night and our coverage continues on our web sites, kron4,. >>jaqueline: the rain has largely come to an end. mostly clear conditions. showers will continue to move south of us. carry an umbrella with you. schering- plough--sfo giving one-tenth of an inch of rain. as the system moves out tonight, clear skies. we will have the possibility of freezing fog in the north bay. we will see areas of localized fog with moisture on the ground it temperatures will cause freezing fog. officials here is a look at tomorrow morning's temperatures. >>grant: it temperatures are low compared to where they usually are at this time of year. we have seen a 3.68 in. of rain. so far this year, 1.47. things are not much better in oakland. normally in oakland, he would have a little over 6 in.. t
and all the bad weather for texas is up in the panhandle. as we had a great flight, it was just as smooth as could be. >> we left on the 23rd on friday so it has been pretty easy. >> this is much easier, parking and everything. >>reporter: what are you looking to do most what you are here? >> play with my baby cousin. >>reporter: zack live at sfo, the 21st--the 23rd will be the busiest travel day here at sfo. for now, things are moving very smoothly and very much on time. pam >> good news at sfo, but the did the winter storm that made a mess of the southwest on monday is there rolling onward. blizzard warnings are in effect for five states today. the death toll is rising and highways are shutting down. we have a report on what is ahead in how the storm is affecting holiday travel. >>reporter: dangerous if not impossible that is how forecasters are describing travel conditions in parts of the west and midwest on tuesday. the mean those of winter weather has travelers wondering if they will ever make it home for the holidays. spin out line the kiowas for a lexical to kansas. a prison gu
that is over texas right now spreading a lot of snow through new mexico and colorado and also into kansas. we see some heavy thunderstorms through dallas, we have delays in dallas and houston. take a look at these temperatures. we can see temperatures in which atoll is a little bit warmer than what would take to get snow on the ground. basically to the east we see warmer conditions but as this progresses, we will have very cold conditions pushing up towards chicago and very heavy snowfall. as you can see right here the purple your screen indicates a blizzard warning. it is widespread and stretching over four states up to 24 in. of new snow. it will be very gusty with the winds and the visibility. right now the only delays are in dallas and houston as i mentioned. we do not see delays in denver which is good news. this will progress in to the east and the travel delays could stretch over to chicago and the east coast in the next couple days, we will keep you posted. >>reporter: fortunately the weather cooperated as the crews are working on the bay bridge celebrated a huge moment the first tran
is delivering through christmas believe it. >>reporter: texas family is recovering after being buried in a snowdrift, look at that. for nearly two days, when the husband and wife in their 5 year old daughter were traveling to mexico when they got stuck in a snowstorm. they managed to call for help and rescue crews began to search for the family they found the suv under 4 ft. of ice on wednesday morning. but that, you can barely see the car windows. the state police say that the three were lethargic and cleaning to each other when they were found at last check they were still in the new mexico hospital. >>jacqueline: high temperatures to they were warmer than what we expected to face to the wind. we had 66 degrees in santa rosa, 62 in oakland, 59 degrees at antioch and 62 degrees in fremont. take a look at our bay area temperatures. we still see some breezy conditions in a couple of spots. for the most part, the wind is starting to die down. this will make for a very cold night tonight. take a look at a freeze warning in effect. >>jacqueline: temperatures will be absolutely free did ov
. but rick perry, the texas governor has fallen off he just compared yourself to tempt people. this is the hot nfl rookie quarterback was made a habit of late game come back. >> you won two national championships in that looks pretty good, with a national champions in job creation back in texas. i hope that i am the 10th tee bo the iowa caucus. >>reporter: the polls indicate that governor carey will not make a tebow comeback. we have all the highlights coming up on kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. for now we will take a short break and be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] this time of year you have a lot of festive meals. and safeway helps make every holiday meal a special occasion. so you can make all of your gatherings, just as merry as can be. get a boneless beef loin ny strip roast for just $4.99 a pound. pair it with a nicely priced malbec. we have thousands of wines. and we'll help you find the right one. safeway. ingredients for life. so, open your eyes and check out your new living room! [ gasps ] honey, the tv's over there! yep, we got you the new at&t u-verse wireless rec
received government unemployment benefits. it also speeds up the oil pipeline from canada to texas. the white house says that president obama will veto the bill he wants the holiday put off until there is a deal. recess is scheduled to begin late next week so the holidays could arrive before an agreement. >>catherine: now that the trial against dr. conrad murray has ended, the appeals process is just getting started. today in los angeles dr. murray asks for a court-appointed attorney to handle his appeal. he said he had an issue in he would pay for the lawyer himself but now says that he simply cannot afford it. he was convicted last month of causing michael jackson's death by giving him a lethal dose of medicine to help him sleep. if the conviction is upheld he would likely spend about two years in jail. [music] >>jacqueline: a look outside from our mount tancam this afternoon, you can see some fog, we will see some clouds out there to our morning but not many. all temperatures will still be quite cold, 30 degrees in napa, 38 in san jose, 39 in oakland and as we head into the afte
near austin texas. >>catherine: here is want freaks, 680 near the interchange. stay with us. more news coming up after the break. >>catherine: for council members want the city know- how to prevent future cordis are high.--there are four city council members that want oakland to prevent future disruptions at the port for. >>catherine: he is now fighting for his job, to win while violated procedures and approved support structures for the new bay bridge. according to reports he was fired once before for ms. using a state credit card and state issued so on. the board ruled while he made a one time lapse in judgment. stay with us, more news coming up after the brief period o. >>catherine: barry bonds has been sentenced fits to remain free. the analysis on his future as a hall of famer. a bay area charter school says it will fight to stay open after being told to shut down the. year is a live look outside in downtown san francisco. could her office afte june >>catherine: kron4 is live as the community comes together saying enough is enough. o >>catherine: the 49ers are then ready for one o
taxes for middle-class americans. the pipeline would run from canada to texas. so far, lawmakers are gridlock over the tax cut extension as a december 31st deadline nears. today the minority leader nancy pelosi warned republicans that she has support from the president. >> i heard the president said the keystone pipeline was in the bill that he would veto the bill. that is what i heard the president say. >>pam: the house will vote next week. senate republicans blocked a similar proposal to extend the payroll tax cut on yes to that. people in chicago will up to a winter surprise. you can see snow falling in one neighborhood. overnight o'hare airport reported about a half an inch of snow fall. it looked pretty but the snow did create dangerous conditions for chicago the roads were slick in caused dozens of drivers to spend hours. >>jacqueline: we did see freezing fall this morning and we told you about last night. as for tomorrow, cooling temperatures will go back into the upper 50s and on sunday cloudy and cool with a light rain possibly in the forecast. let us take it the mornin
as much time as needed. now last year, don't play in texas and at length of the white sox this is a 1 million and $2 million deal coming in post christmas gift. >>catherine: this is a nice little christmas gift. thank you, hope to see you at 8:00 p.m., join us then. in depth on today's big celebrity headline. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. >>> "the insider" is on. >>> katy perry's husband files for divorce. inside russell's just-filed court papers. >> russell brand citing irreconcilable differences as marked down the date of separation as tbd. >> where katy is right now. >> i'm married to katy perpetually. >> russell's interview knee mying the split weeks earlier. >>> ryan seacrest's breaking health update on dick clark. >> 82 years old and how is he doing? >> i'm real happy. >> what he's revealing about the aging legend just hours before the ball drops in times square. >>> plus -- >> there
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11